the reflexion edge

cognitive screening tools for athletes

the reflexion edge

measure complex reaction time, peripheral vision, memory, and decision making at the push of a button.

reflexion edge

train smarter,
play faster

Unique, goal-specific tests improve reaction time, peripheral vision, and decision making, creating faster athletes when the game is on the line

30 second

Rapid and objective assessment on the portable Reflexion Edge

folded reflexion edge
reflexion edge data visualization

making a

Control the environment for rehabilitation with Edge-enhanced techniques


“[The Reflexion Edge] is designed to measure an athlete’s neurocognitive and psychomotor status in about 30 seconds.”


"Once a baseline has been established for each player, they can do follow-up tests throughout the season, with each taking only 30 seconds or so"


"[The Reflexion Edge] aims to shed light on some of the darker areas of concussion protocol that leaves mild concussions often undiagnosed."

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