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Nationwide Drop in Youth Football Participation Linked to Concussion Concerns

Jim Davidson

Concussions are on the minds of parents and athletes more than ever and is a prominent theory for the decreased participation youth football. How can the sport be safer?

'Footbonaut,' Edge, Provide Technical Training and Cerebral Sharpening

Jim Davidson

Borussia Dortmund's world-famous passing machine and the Reflexion Edge are perfect examples of the convergence of technical and cognitive training.

Explain A Test: Go/No Go

Matthew Roda

Learn more about one of the 10+ tests that the Reflexion Edge has to offer

Company Update: August 2018

matthew campagna

Learn what Reflexion has accomplished in the last few weeks

Fans And Players Criticize The NFL’s “Helmet Rule” In Safe Tackling Debate

Jim Davidson

A summary of opinions and facts on the NFL's new tackling rule.

Reflexion Turns 3: Looking Back On Our Startup Journey

Matthew Roda

Looking back on our startup journey and 3 years of existence